Universal API for
Verified Tax Records

The automated way for your users to sync federal and state tax records in real time.
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The only API for real-time access to tax records

Chart is specially designed for tech-oriented companies looking to automate tax document collection from their customers.
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Real-time Access

Chart integrates with IRS, state tax agencies and all major tax preparation software solutions to access records in real-time.

Verified Documents

Chart retrieves tax returns directly from official government databases and well-known tax prep tools, guaranteeing authenticity.

Structured JSON

All tax returns are automatically processed with OCR and parsed into well-formed JSON objects.

Developer Friendly

Chart is a modern REST API with SDKs in major languages, sandbox environments and world-class dev docs.

Provide multiple submission options for your users

Your users can submit their records by connecting their IRS and state online tax accounts, their tax prep software or by simply uploading PDFs.

Enterprise-grade security

Non-persistent credentials

Chart never persists your users' credentials. Each session requires re-login.


Chart supports major compliance frameworks. Reports available upon request.

Granular access

Your users are presented with a consent flow where they choose which documents to share.

PII reduction

Upon request, Chart can obfuscate and anonymize PII related data.

Want to effortlessly collect tax documents?

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